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Getting to Koli

The Koli Shuttle operates between Joensuu and Koli, door-to-door. Taxi stops anywhere in Koli area, by the market square in Joensuu and at central hospital, railway station or airport in Joensuu when needed. The basic timetable is given below. Timetables are estimated pick-up times. Exact timetables from Shuttle Taxi booking number.
It is advisable to book taxi the previous day by phone. ShuttleTaxi booking number +358 401 044 687 on previous day. While booking, please mention if you want to order shuttle taxi or private taxi. Other times than mentioned in the timetable (for private taxi rides), normal taxi fee will be charged.

Map and timetable:

Rent a car 

By train
From Helsinki, due to the new short-cut track, trains reach Joensuu in just over four hours at their fastest. From the Joensuu railway station, the easiest way to get to Koli is ridesharing on a minibus (see top of this page). To browse the timetables of VR (Finnish Railways), click here. Please note that you can even ride a train quite near to Koli, to the village of Vuonislahti on the eastern shore of Lake Pielinen. From Vuonislahti you can take a taxi to the village of Koli. When the Koli - Vuonislahti ice road is open in wintertime, it's only a 10-kilometre ride.



Welcome for breakfast!

Guests can enjoy an organic breakfast in the main building of Jänisvaara. It's nice to start a new day after a rich breakfast.

A tasty farm breakfast:

multigrain- or ryeporrige
Karelian pasty, rural ryebread
fresh multigrain bread rolls
berry kissel
cold cuts
cucumber, tomatoe
eggs from the farm
youghurt, organic muesli
freshly baked pies
coffee, tee, milk, juice, butter

More information from the hostess Iris: 0505053127

Breakfast is 12 euros for adults and 8 euros for children


Enjoy your stay

Successful holiday, cosy unoccupied days, pleasure of activities and best parts of nature travelling, just as you wish - welcome to Jänisvaara!

Jänisvaara's cottages can be rented trough out of the year. Find the best cottage for you either next to lake Pielinen or embracing of the hills in the genuine farm environment.

The Jänisvaara's Farm cottages are located at near Koli village, to a beautiful landscape. Nature is close in every season.

Cottages with comfort

You can find all the necessary equipment at Jänisvaara cottages: domestic appliances, tableware's,electric dryer and washing machine - holiday flows trouble free. Cottages located next to lake Pielinen have private beaches, you can enjoy soft spirit of sauna and clean and cosy atmosphere. When you arrive with children, we bring a cot for you to the cottage, if you need one.
At the farm courtyard's rooms you can find a refrigerator. The shower is at the main building. Courtyard's barbecue hut, playhouse and children's own play area with swings is a nice and safe environment also for the smallest in the family.

Free feeling and activities

The bright and clear lake Pielinen calls for you. Dip into the water or try your luck in fishing. Pack you picnic lunch into backpack and choose your favourite hiking path. Hiking maps are also sold in Jänisvaara.

In Wintertime skiing tracks are waiting for sportsmen. The amazing ski slopes offer the best that Finnish winter can give. Ski maps are offered free for our customers.

Joy of winter!

The most beautiful ski tracks in Finland are available for you directly from Jänisvaara. Skiing tracks from Koli to Kopravaara (24 kilometers) is also illuminated. We open the first season track usually at November.

For children we have their own fairy track. Of course children can also enjoy the sled hill! Sled's, kick sleds and also snowshoes are free to use for our customers. Guests receive also guiding to the natural park of Koli. We also sell hiking maps. Ski track maps are free for customers. More information of wintertime activities: 050 5053127.

From spring to autumn

At the courtyard of Jänisvaara wanders 17 hereford-mothercows with calfs. Venneri is the bull of the cattle. You can admire Venneri at 280 year old farm and at the forest. The hasty chickens run around with rooster Wagner.  Trip around the farm is 20 euros for the whole family, duration is 1-2 hours. More information about the trip: tel.+358 50 5053127.

Fishing safely

Beach cottages have private boats and life jackets. Fishing licence's can be bought form Koli's market Sale. If you need any special equipment, let us know when booking the cottage.

Booking a dinner

At the main building of Jänisvaara you can book a dinner, for maximum 10 persons. Ask for more information! We serve dishes also to the cottages. Special diets are noticed.

Koli is full of experiences!

Trips and activities:

  • The most beautiful ski tracks of Finland, illuminated skiing track 24 kilometres from Koli to Kopravaara. We open the first season track usually at November. 
  • Hike the footsteps of Juhani Aho through one of the oldest natural path in Finland from the Koli harbour to Ukko-Koli! Different trekking paths from 1 to 80 kilometres. 
  • Meet the past of Koli, enjoy the national landscape and the breeze of history! In the natural park you can explore the farms of Mattila, Ikolanaho, Ylä-Murhi, Vaarala and Ollila.
  • Snowmobiles can be rented 
  • Husky-rides 
  • Guided snowshoe trips to the top of Koli:


  • Taxi, taxi car pool from door to door
  • Car ferry from Koli to Lieksa and back

Handicrafts in Koli

  • Kolitar , Tarja Mustonen tel:040 569 7083
  • Liisa Tommila tel:050 304 3259